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  Electronic circuit design
  Microcontroller programming
  PC programming
  Microcontroller based system design and development
  Custom measurement system design and development
  Electronic product development

Electronic Circuit Design
ElectroDI has the resources and expertise to design simple or complex single and multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) design.

Microcontroller Programming
ElectroDI can offer you programming expertise for a range of microcontrollers, these include; PIC's, 8051 or derivatives and industrial PC's. We also have the facilities to do small volume programming of surface mount PIC's.

PC Programming
We offer basic Delphi programming expertise to interface microcontroller based systems to a PC to provide a graphical user interface to client specifications.

System Design
Microcontroller based ideas, products or systems are the main focus of ElectroDI. We have a good working understanding of the processes involved from a basic single microcontroller level to a multiple microcontroller integrated system.

Measurement Systems
We have seen a need from industrial measurement and analysis consultants for more application-specific measurement systems. ElectroDI can provides this by designing a unique solution for the client to interface their measurement devices to a PC and provide a user interface that is easy to use.

Product Development
ElectroDI has been involved in product development since its inception and has a solid understanding of the processes involved. Allthough all of the products have had electronic components we have had to deal with all issues from lodging of patents to close collaboration with industrial designers.
We can offer a professional step by step approach to helping you develop your product.